How to Write a Case Study Assignment for Psychology

If you are pursuing a psychology course either in college or university, you have or are most likely to encounter psychology case studies as assignments. In this comprehensive guide I will teach you how to write a compelling case study for psychology.

To start, you can

If you are pursuing a psychology course either in college or university, you have or are most likely to encounter writing a psychology case study as an assignment. It is commonly employed by colleges and universities that employ both the theoretical and practical aspects of learning. There is a need to understand that writing a case study assignment for psychology is time-consuming and uses a lot of cognitive resources, which explains why it is not most students’ cup of tea. That is why we have crafted this guide on how to write a case study assignment for psychology.

However, everything is possible, including writing the psychology case study. Although you might not have heard about this type of assignment, at the end of this article, you will have the capacity to craft the perfect piece.  Or at least you will understand that we have your back if you need us. If, for some reason, you have no time or you are simply disinterested in submitting the case study on your own, just make a request, and our professional psychology essay writers will be ready to assist you.

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 What is a psychology Case Study?

It is important to understand the definition of a case study. A case study denotes a research method in psychology which helps to examine a specific individual, group, or situation in detail.  It entails an in-depth analysis of the subject matter, collecting information from a plethora of sources, for example, interviews, observations, and documents. In case studies, researchers aim to gain a nuanced understanding of the issue under investigation.  In this type of research, researchers can examine rare or unique situations that cannot be replicated in the laboratory setting.

How Case Studies are Presented

If you are a psychology student, you may face real or imagined people, characters from books, movies, or TV shows. It is based on the features that your educational program has adopted in addition to your knowledge and expertise.  For example, at the undergraduate level, psychology students are not allowed to be real-world students and are only required to conduct observational learning through writing notes. However, if you have some background, you can define a diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate therapy.

 Purpose of psychology Case Study Writing

Most of the students learn from real-world examples rather than from theoretical information. Writing psychology case study have proved to be an essential technique for learning because of its uniqueness.

Reliable psychology case studies are instrumental in helping researchers as well as clinical experts to detect and manage unique and impractical diseases. It stems from the fact that the collected data on a certain subject provides information in all aspects.  Consequently, by employing this information, students can explore patterns of behavior and sources and come up with strategies for managing them.

Furthermore, a psychology case study provides practical examples of the existing theories and principles, which in turn leads to more advancements in the field. Besides, psychology case study writing is instrumental in clinical psychology. It offers essential insights into the diagnosis, treatment, and clinical outcomes of certain psychological disorders.

Write My Psychology Case Study

Commonly Used Approaches for Psychology Case Study Writing 

There are multiple approaches for writing case studies.


This is a holistic method where the focus is on the whole person. This means that in addition to the client’s behavior, the therapist should consider viewing the issues from the subject point of view.  This approach is important in evolving and crafting a treatment plan based on the patient’s self-image and feelings.


This approach is best suited for patients who are suffering from mood and eating disorders such as depression, mania, schizophrenia, and bulimia nervosa. When working on certain cases, the future therapist should bear in mind the patient’s behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts. It sometimes helps to observe the patient’s behavior to understand how they react to a wide range of events and people, etc.


Sigmund Freud developed this approach. It aims to help the patient identify the self-limiting factors, move on from past unpleasant experiences, and gain insight into how their subconscious mind affects their behavior.

Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

This is a qualitative research method that focuses on how people make sense of their experiences and their significance.

Grounded Theory

Through this approach, you should collect data about the events or subjects under study before moving into integrating them into broader categories. Consequently, you are focusing on how they are related to gain a nuanced understanding of the issues and custom a treatment plan.

Types of Psychology Case Studies

In the following sections, the types of case studies in psychology have been well-elucidated. Having a great understanding of the various types can help you select the most appropriate approach.


Descriptive Case Studies

If you have a hypothesis, you can develop a descriptive study that starts by defining the topic under investigation. This research aims to develop links between the subject matter and the theoretical framework without having to interpret or explain the findings.  The investigation is usually concluded as soon as these connections are established, and the study results often suggest the way the theory should be elaborated in the future.

Collective Case Studies

This entails studying a group of individuals. Researchers can study a group of people in a specific setting or consider the whole community.  For example, you might consider how access to resources in a certain community affects overall mental well-being.

Explanatory Case Studies

They are employed when carrying out causal investigations. In other words, as a researcher, you will be interested in how certain factors cause other things to occur.

Exploratory Case Studies

They are usually conducted as a prelude for more in-depth research. This ensures that researchers can collect data before developing their research questions and hypotheses.

Instrumental case studies

These take place when an individual or group allows the researchers to gain more understanding than what is obvious to observers at face value.

Intrinsic Case Studies

You can employ this type of case study if you have a personal interest in the case. For example, observing your family or relatives contributes to the development of a psychology theory.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Studies

Like any method of inquiry, case studies have both their benefits and limitations, which you should consider when determining if they are appropriate for your needs.

Advantages of psychology case study writing 

One of the major benefits of case studies is that it allows you to investigate issues that are difficult to replicate in a laboratory setting. Some of the benefits of case studies include:

  • Makes it possible for researchers to collect a significant amount of information.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to collect data on rare or unusual cases.
  • Helps you develop hypotheses that can be further studied in experimental research.


On the negative side, a case study:

  • Results are not generalizable to the rest of the population.
  • Casuse and effect cannot be demonstrated.
  • Cannot be scientifically rigorous.
  • Has a high risk of bias.

 The Steps You Need for Psychology Case Study Writing 

When working on your student assignments, it is essential to understand the most important next steps. It will be instrumental in finding out the amount of time that should be devoted to it and specific areas that should receive emphasis.

Selecting the Subject

If your professor has assigned you a topic, you do not have to go through this hassle of the selection process. It means that this step is already done. If that is not the case, carefully read the instructor’s requirements before selecting an individual, group, or community to work with.

Gather information

Develop an effective methodology before you start working on any assignment. You need to understand how to collect data, respond to research issues, and find reliable sources of information. Interviews, surveys, and observations are some of the best methods of collecting data.  Make sure that the data you collect is relevant to the various aspects of the subject’s life or behaviors that you are planning to investigate.

Through a meticulous collection and organization of data, you will have a great foundation for a more robust case study, which not only informs your reader but also offers the context that is required to make essential observations and draw insightful conclusions.

Selecting a Case Study Method

As soon as you have collected all the required information regarding your subject, the next step will entail selecting the most appropriate case study method. The selected method will dictate the analysis process and presentation of the findings.

Identify the Key Issues

One of the most important steps in a psychology case study is to explain the issue that you are about to research. It sets forth the rationale behind the whole project as well as the scenario that will be followed along.

Write all the issues and challenges that you can detect. Your role is to assess them and identify the most essential ones. Describe each of them in a couple of sentences, showing their effect and consequences. You will find out what should be prioritized. Additionally, working on the issue, there is a need to explain the rationale behind its occurrence. Bear in mind that you will need to address these issues in a real-life context.

Description of the solution

To attain the maximum grade, it is important that you describe the possible solution.  Since by now you understand the roots and causes of the problem, focus on the hypothesis that you had and the findings. Did it work out? What did not? Offer a detailed description to satisfy the purpose.


Writing about the solution is not enough. A good case study is meant to teach people something and provide them with information and insights. If you understand the causes and rationale behind your research issue, you could write about them. The other researchers might employ your data for their projects. Besides, there is a need for analysis to understand your strong and weak sides. While working on this section, you will understand that some of the explanations are assumptions while others are based on solid evidence.

Most Common Psychology Case Studies that Can Inspire you

A simple case search on the web can help you get the most common case studies that affected psychology as a science and offer researchers powerful insights. We have compiled a list of case studies that we believe will inspire you.

Anna O

Anna O is a pseudonym for a woman who was being managed by a physician called Josef Breuer. Even though she was not Freud’s patient, Freud and Breuer discussed her problem in-depth. The patient was suffering from a condition that was by then called hysteria. It was discovered that when she talked, she seemed to relieve her problems. Her case was instrumental in the development of talk therapy as a method of mental health management.

Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage was a railroad employee who suffered a terrible accident whereby an explosion led to a metal rod going through his skull, damaging essential portions of his brain. Although Gage recovered from her accident, she was left with serious alterations in both her personality and behavior.


Genie was a young girl who underwent horrific abuse and isolation. Genie’s case allowed researchers to find out if language can be taught even after missing essential periods for language development. Her case was a great example of how scientific research can interfere with treatment, leading to more abuse of vulnerable individuals.

More Tips on how to write a case study assignment for psychology

  • Of course, a psychology case study requires a certain set of knowledge and experience.
  • The product of your psychology case study will depend on your writing skills. And if you are an experienced psychology essay writer, it will make the whole process easy.
  • Case studies should have clear and understandable thoughts, attract the attention of the reader in the introduction section, and offer evidence-based facts.

Tell a story

Even though your psychology case study is an academic assignment, it is usually paper about someone’s life, and life is always a story.

Use Appropriate Language

When writing a case study, you should strive all the time to understand your target audience. If it is just an academic assignment, stick to the terms and expressions that you use in class. However, for publication purposes, it is essential to consider the readers who are not familiar with psychology as an academic subject.

Approach it as a Challenge

The case study is a very common assignment not only for psychology but for other majors as well. For example, nursing students deal with them as well. However, they might be working under a different set of circumstances, but the major aim is to understand the cause of the patient’s illness and the rationale behind their clinical presentation.

Don’t be biased!

When working with individuals, it is easy to project to them your preconceived notions that might be presented as opinions. In your future career as a psychologist, you might develop feelings for your clients, but ethical norms have been established to guide your conduct.

Seek Help

This is common and most recommended advice to mental health patients since sometimes they might not deal with the issues alone. You might find yourself in a similar situation when you have so many assignments that require your attention and have no coping capacity. You can hire our professional psychology essay writers who can help you to organize your thoughts in a structured paper or offer you a custom case study. Take advantage of them to impress your professor!

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